The Mystery of Igboukwu Bronze

Startling archeological findings in the heart of Alaigbo have revealed a highly sophisticated culture that peaked in 8th and 9th Centuries AD. Vast connections through trade helped to foster artistic and technological growth in metallurgy, particularly in leaded bronze sculpture.

More than 2500 distinct gully sites have been identified in 5 states of Southeast zone of Nigeria. Visit Erosion Control Center to learn more about the causes of this horrible eyesore that desectrates our ancestral homeland. You can make a difference. Join the campaign to eradicate this monster today!
Eastern Economic Corridor
Apart from hosting most activities of the country's oil industry, the Nigerian Eastern Economic Corridor has very good port facilities of international standard as well as giant manufacturing outfits like National Fertilizer Company of Nigeria (NAFCON) and the aluminum-smelting plant at Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State, for example. One of the nation's Export Processing Zones (EPZ) is located between the seaports of Port Harcourt and Calabar. ... - More
For reasons that cannot be fully explained by historians and anthropologists, Ndiigbo venerate the colanut as a ritualistic food that reinforces interactions in both their physical and metaphysical world. Presentation, breaking and sharing of the colanut are central to consummation of interpersonal relationships as well as solemnization of group undertakings in many formal or social settings in Igbo society. .... - More
Nigeria fought a brutal civil war which cost millions of lives, billions of dollars as well as an immeasurable trauma on the psyche of the nation but there is no coherent way that the polity is utilizing the wealth of that experience in nation building ....- more
Revisitation of Biafra, as a deliberate national endeavor, should be seen as a necessary catharsis that will prepare the new political dispensation to rid itself of the inertia of the past as well as allow the present leadership .. .... more
Option 3B foresees an Igbo society that is determined to regain its former respectable status within the context of one united Nigeria even though the ultimate objective will be the consolidation of a regional economic and political power base... ....more
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