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The Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) is designed to be a grassroots movement which can be adapted and implemented by all groups and organizations that share common aspirations and goals of the BMP. The BMP has sociocultural, political as well as economic aspects and individuals and groups can participate in whichever area they can contribute their efforts most effectively. The BMP Committee will appreciate any input from capable individuals and groups in sustaining its activities, particularly the publication of the Osondu Newsletter and upkeep of the Osondu web site. Wide distribution of the newsletter inside Nigeria and elsewhere in the Diaspora is anticipated and interested persons can help to make this happen quicker. Volunteers should please contact the BMP Committee through the e-mail address osonducom@osondu.com or by mailing to P. O. Box 4708, Capitol Heights, MD 20743.

Tell your friends about the BMP, Osondu Newsletter and Osondu web site. Work through your present groups, organizations and associations to implement the BMP ideas. Join the efforts of the Osondu Foundation, Inc. in its drive to mobilize the required resources for implementing the foundations goals and objectives. Subscribe to the Osondu Newsletter hard copy by sending requisitions to osonducom@osondu.com.

The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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