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Let's make peace, brother
And allow the land to heal
the wounds and cracks that desecrate
the treasure vault of our cosmic ship,
the cradle of mankind,
the biblical Garden of Eden,
the breadbasket of future generations

Rediscover the African spirit that held sway
before alien sword our land subdued
Ancestral spirits in harmony with God
in trust held the land
for man and creatures to share in peace

War-like invaders our land took for theirs
To kill our souls our values they bestialized
Our God they scorned and shrines they wrecked
In their captivity we laboured like beasts

With barbaric ethos our youths they reared
to reject self and to ape the absurd
Ancestors learnt to kill for hunger
but they teach us to kill for fun and lust

Our kith and kin we butcher at master's behest
Human carcasses rot in the African sun
Wild dogs and crocodiles feed on our flesh
Vultures pluck the eyes of our dead
Hillsides and riverbanks are littered with skulls
To many, we inflict pain without remorse

The weak, young and old perish in neglect
While disease and hunger take their toll
Millions from ancestral homes flee in fear
Like cattle, they herd us in makeshift camps

Let us from our deep slumber awake
From this dreadful nightmare ourselves to free
Ancestral spirits and God command us
to restore our values and cleanse the land

African man, redeem your right as heir of Eden
But, first of all
Let's make peace, brother.

(Written - c. 1995)
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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