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Africa God chose from the start
as cradle for creation of His own image
In her pristine gardens, Adam and Eve
with other creatures flourished in peace

From the savannas to far reaches of earth
offspring of African man did disperse
Still Africa remains the home for all
for in her bosom ancestral kins succor found

To Africa all humanity should pilgrimage pay
in celebration for our right to be
and for ancient skills to tame the wild.
Don't salmons to their birthplace return
to spurn and birds across expansive oceans fly
to their childhood nesting grounds to breed?
Superior gift of mind tasks mankind
to fare better than these creatures less endowed

But before all else, Africa must be cleansed
from centuries of iniquities that our land defile
African man must God's cradle reclaim
for in his custody this sacred turf remains

The flames of war must be quenched
before the land is gutted and left in ruins
Peace and tolerance must return to rule
as was the case in times of yore

Africa is the sanctuary for all mankind
For God's sake, let her sanctity be restored.

(Written - c. 1996)
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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