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Through lush clusters of human fodder
Racist brutes pumped their bullets
A hellfire they let loose
To devour scores of deprived sons

Hundreds were maimed but unbroken
Blazing bullets the zeal in us ignite
In death our spirits will the echoes sustain
Till the youths our victory have reaped

Savage bloodbath and massacres of innocent heroes
Shall immortalize the struggles of yesteryears
Freedom shall arise over the land
After the guns are silent and limp

For now the echoes of Sharpeville
Rumble in anger from Soweto to Crossroads
Depraved gunners of apartheid fume with hate
While the riches of ancestral land strangers dominate

We want peace and freedom our land to bless
Against bigotry and hatred we seek redress
Let the echoes of Sharpeville the world arouse
To bury apartheid deep in the abyss of infamy.

(Written - c. 1986)
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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