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My heavy eyes their windows shut
as nightfall invites all to a needed sleep
Weary body lay still and listless in bed
while untethered mind drifts away to another realm

Through great distances with lightning speed
I rode heavenly clouds with fun and glee
Time and space seemed to distort and blur
as fairy scenes appeared then melt away

Groups of enchanted youths in circles dance
to endless medley of folksy tunes
filling every space in the village square
they looked like bees in a joyous swarm

Long-dead mum appeared with a loving smile
in usual style she faced her chores
Charm in her looks recalled my early days
before I got close she vanished without a word

On way home in company of friends
the delightful trip take a nasty turn
Without a word everyone is gone
alone I walk a dark alley at night

I sense lurking figures were on my trail
As I hasten they pick up the pace
Mere glance at mean hounds terror struck
They sure want me and all I have

I run and they close in at my heels
with dreadful weapons they’re poised to strike
pounding heartbeat spur me on to flee
but my frantic kicks were little help

Out of breath at alley’s end
as hope of rescue began to surge
a new gang emerge and struck me down
in despair I force out one last scream

Doom and peril overcome my will
forces of evil have sealed my fate
but like magic I suddenly woke
to find my linens all soaked in sweat

Thank goodness, it was just a dream.

(Written - c. 1996)
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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