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Wait for me, brother
'cause I'm lost between old and new
the old way home I can't recall
the new path ahead is yet to be learned

Remember you urged me to shun the past
to cast aside all that's out of style?
for centuries I've looked ahead
without turning even left or right

I followed in faith for you to lead
with belief we are in this trip as one
but your pace is too fast for me
your footprints are now my only guide

Wind and storm have swept the sand
hazy fog curtails my sight
hardly can I see beyond my nose
I feel like I'm just a sitting duck

Downwind I hear the lions roar
king of beasts have picked my scent
where can I flee in this uncharted wild
or should I stay here and await my fate?

Savanna’s beasts will have me as meal
but watch out, you may be next
survival is better for all as a group
for as separate bits our chance is nil

Have pity on our souls if you can
I plead for the good of you and me
Slow down, brother, let's pace ourselves
to walk together till journey's end.

(Written - c. 1996)
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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