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Ageless fighters for control of human thought
in your hands lies the essence of civilization
Since from beasts we cultured our own kind
his exalted place in creation man assured

Through the millennia empires rise and fall
even from ruins of the ancient, new ones are built
Indeed man can make as well as destroy
only will of the mind determines the choice

Leaders the tide of collective will ride
to attain ambitious heights often preconceived
Even in still waters, their own waves they create
to stamp their footprints in the sands of time

Scramble for dominance between clan and race
may lead one group its will to impose
To keep leverage over others thus acquired
enslavement of the subdued can be justified

For the powerful group, it's winner takes all
Slaves make do with crumbs for their sweat
Clash of wills is only a matter of time
for slaves hope one day their chains to break

The oppressed must their collective will sustain
and despite all humiliation their pride uphold
Take your stance and for human dignity fight
until fruit of own labor your share shall yield

Warriors of the mind the underdog must defend
though the heat of battle may wear you down
Reward for your toil future generations shall reap
for eternity, your memory they'll hold in awe

[A dedication to M. Sutherland]
(Written - c. 1996)
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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