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Biafra Memorial Project (BMP), a movement whose existence is sorely needed now to bring the issues surrounding the Civil War to a lasting and just resolution, is not a campaign to revive the secessionist threat to Nigeria but a desire to bury our dead, honor what they fought and died for and pray that never again shall fellow citizens be prevailed upon to slaughter others as was the case in the run up to that war. It is our responsibility to put in place, without further delay, a mechanism that will compel us and our fellow Nigerians to understand the tragedy of that horrible era of Nigeria’s history and to recommit ourselves to the need to honor and safeguard the lives and properties of all citizens at all times.

A special day shall be set aside annually to commemorate the lives of those who perished in the struggle for Biafra. Befitting monuments and landmarks shall be constructed, at appropriate sites, to memorialize the tragedy that was exploited by others who attempted to annihilate us and subdue the Igbo spirit. It is everyone’s expectation that fellow Nigerians will see the wisdom in joining us in this endeavor because the losses, even though perceived most amongst the Igbos, were still substantial in other groups that were also caught up in that catastrophic crisis.

A National Memorial Day, a public holiday for the commemoration of the Civil War nationwide, is the least that should be expected from fellow citizens to honor the war heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice, on both sides of the battle line, to bequeath to us the nation that we inherit today. The successful execution of the BMP will become a veritable sign that the resurgence of the Igbo nation is afoot.

It is the trauma that a people can endure and survive that gingers them to aspire to attain greater heights. The Jews, Japanese and Germans have been able to make remarkable comebacks after the cataclysm that befell them as groups at the conclusion of World War II 50 years ago. Ndigbo are capable of a similar spectacular comeback but concrete programs must be put in place now to make such a comeback possible in this generation. Since both the political will and the material means to redeem our people are here with us, the implementation of the BMP should proceed now without further delay.

The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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