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The Biafra Memorial Project(BMP) is the harbinger that will herald the dawn of an era of Igbo renaissance. Ndiigbo, as a nationality, were edged out of the center stage of the national political arena because of the issues that surround Biafra. The BMP is the leading edge of a set of programs that will restore respect and dignity to the Igbo nation as well as enable Ndigbo to begin to focus their future plans in ways that will guarantee that they will never again allow a repeat of the horrid experiences of the past 30 years. The Biafra Memorial Project will consolidate the unity of the Igbo nation by creating monuments and symbols that will immortalize the struggle that we collectively endured in order to preserve honor and the inalienable right to live free in our ancestral homeland.

The BMP is multifaceted and has various levels of design and execution. The political arm will aspire to restore the status of parity, which we had in pre-war Nigeria, with the other major rivals in the North and West. The economic arm will aim at consolidating and focusing the economic ingenuity of Ndigbo toward a speedy development of Igboland and the contiguous territories that border it in the Niger Delta and the Southeast coastline. Creating a regional solidarity for the former East has been seen by many as the best way to ensure rapid development for the area.

The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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