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From the ranting of the rogue ex-Transport Minister of the Shagari administration, Umaru Dikko, to the vituperations of hired writers of the Northern oligarchs, one can easily see a well orchestrated scheme to isolate and demonize Chief C. Odumegwu Ojukwu as the instigator of everything that has gone awry in the ongoing political crisis in Nigeria. The latest antic of Igbo detractors is to unleash open and camouflaged attacks on Igbo leadership, particularly those that are perceived as intractable and less susceptible to extraneous influences from rival power blocks in the North and West.

In one such diatribe by one Mallam Danlami, the obvious Igbo hater cited “the attitude and utterances of the former rebel leader convening secret meetings behind closed doors, delivering a thunderous speech to CAN members just days before the Kaduna crisis, pontificating reprisal attacks against others and calling for confederacy” as more than adequate evidence to show that Ikemba Nnewi is poised to trigger a new wave of upheaval across the nation.

Danlami adduced that “the sudden call for a confederacy by the Ohaneze would logically make one conclude that the Igbos, under the leadership of their godfather and mentor, have come to the call”. The Northern writer concluded his piece by cautioning that “we may be heading for another eastern succession bid, giving Ojukwu's attitude and that of some highly placed Igbo leaders like Kalu who defended the massacre of innocent Nigerians in his state”.

The practice of demonizing Igbo leaders by political rivals of the North and West recently reached a crescendo when lies and fabrications were heaped on the President of Nigerian Senate, Dr. Chuba Okadigbo, with the intent of removing him as the No 3 in the national political hierarchy. It should be recalled that the anti-Igbo propaganda machine, created during the Civil War, had mischievously labeled the Biafran secessionist struggle as Ojukwu’s war. In same vein, the death of 1.5 million Biafrans, who perished due to wicked policies of the Lagos junta, was blamed on the former Biafran Head of State.

Blaming the Ikemba Nnewi for the Sharia-instigated riots in Kaduna and elsewhere by the North is another glaring attempt to distort the truth and historical facts. The BMP Committee, in consultation with a broad cross section of Igbo groups worldwide, has resolved to establish structures that will guarantee that future unwarranted attacks on respected Igbo leaders will be countered in decisive and visible manner.

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