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The new Ohanaeze Ndiigbo ought to be proactive, agenda-driven and representative of the entire spectrum of Igbo society inside Nigeria and the Diaspora.” This stance was contained in a communiqué released by the Biafra Memorial Project BMP) Committee in Washington DC after reviewing the ongoing effort to re-organize and streamline the composition and activities of the apex Igbo political caucus.

Many pan-Igbo organizations have expressed interest toward ensuring that the large pool of Ndiigbo resident in the USA will have a voice in piloting the political destiny of Igbo society when the new Ohanaeze is constituted. There is a clamor by membership of major pan-Igbo groups in America to coalesce their organizational efforts into the formation of Ohanaeze-USA as an integral part of the main body at home. The nature of contemporary Nigerian politics requires an Ohanaeze that is composed of dynamic, experienced and competent hands which are in ample supply in many large population centers across the USA. A spokesman of one of US-based pan-Igbo groups, in private comment, envisions a new Ohanaeze that “has more of the Oha than the Ezes within is ranks.”

Some groups, including the BMP Committee, have also called for the inclusion of women and youths to ensure wider reach and greater effectiveness of the new Ohanaeze. Consultations on establishing the proposed Ohanaeze-USA are currently taking place amongst pan-Igbo groups and organizations in both Nigeria and the USA. Chief Victor Nwankwo is the new Ohanaeze Subcommittee Chairman for Ndiigbo in the Diaspora.

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