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Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo, in the immediate aftermath of the orgies of bloodletting that was caused by imposition of Islamic Sharia penal codes in some Northern states, went on a nationwide telecast to appeal for calm and to call for cessation of all hostilities. Amid a deluge of criticisms for the lackluster approach of his administration’s handling of the Sharia issue, the President’s carefully chosen words just came short of outright denunciation of the controversial Islamic legal code that triggered this crisis.

He assured citizens that the newly introduced Sharia penal code has been scrapped and he had ordered the erring states to return to “status quo ante”. He decried the rapid spread of bloodletting to some Southern states and appealed to citizens to remain law abiding. He vowed that his administration will respect “no sacred cows” in its bid to track down and prosecute instigators of the deadly riots.
If you or cut off hands, then you will be violating the constitution of Nigeria. - President Obasanjo

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