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Let there be no mistake about the fact that the 1.5 million Biafrans, who lost their lives during the Civil War, were the sacrificial offerings made for the purposes of both keeping Nigeria one and secular.” This was the essence of the statement issued by the Biafra Memorial Project (BMP) Committee in reaction to the recent loss of lives in nationwide Sharia-instigated riots. The statement reminded President Obasanjo that, from now, he has the choice to uphold the secularity of Nigeria or resign from his office.

Reacting to the suspension of Sharia rule by some Northern states, Ohanaeze, the Igbo apex decision making body said an emphatic statement was the only way religious crisis could be permanently averted in the country. On whether Ndiigbo would demand compensation, the Ohaneze scribe, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, said that what was important now was to calm restive nerves. He said: "Our first problem is how to calm the passions these killings have raised and if I may underline, the priority today is to convince our people to keep their passions within bounds." Many Igbo groups have vowed to do everything within their power to ensure a secular Nigeria.
The Survival Struggle for Ndiigbo

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