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African Renaissance Party
Plot 204, Fort Lammy Street
(By Cotonou Crescent)
Wuse Zone 6 Abuja.

April 5th to 10, 2004
Abuja Nigeria.


Dear Sir,


We write to urge you to join hands with us in organizing the above Summit and to further nominate one of your principal executives to deliver a paper at the event.

As you are aware, a lot of work has been done in the past by distinguished African Leaders toward the crusade for Reparation for Africa. Outstanding in the campaign was the late Chief M.K.O. Abiola. The present initiative of the African Renaissance Party is to build on the laudable foundations that had already been laid by such eminent Africans and the Diaspora.

In December 1990, Chief Abiola convened and sponsored the first World Conference on Reparation at the Nigeria Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) in Lagos, where he officially inaugurated his campaign on Reparation.

This International Conference which featured prominent people from different parts of the World did a thorough study on the issue of Reparation. Such distinguished persons in attendance included Chief M.K.O. Abiola himself, who was convener and host. Gen Ibrahim Babangida who was then the Nigerian Head of State. Professor Ibrahim Gambari, Dr. Randolph Peter, the Trinidad and Tobago High Commissioner to Nigeria. Professor A.M. Babu of Tanzania. Sir Dudley Thompson, the Jamaican High Commissioner to Nigeria, Congressman Craig Washington of U.S., Hon. Bernice Grant of Britain among many others. At the Conference, after a critical look at the Reparation issue, the communiqué consequently set up an International Committee for Reparation (ICR) with Chief M.K.O. Abiola as its Chairman and Mr. Frank Igwebueze as Secretary.

Subsequently, the Reparation cause was taken to continental level and to the organization of African Unity (OAU) which recognized and identified with the campaign. Reparation became a prominent subject of discussion within the OAU. The 27th Summit of Heads of State and Government as well as the 55th Council of Ministers of the Organization, which met in June 1991 here in Abuja, passed a resolution recognizing the injustice to Africa. The resolution affirmed the right to Reparation and suggested a Group of Eminent Persons (GEP), drawn from Africa and Diaspora, to further take action on the Reparation issue. This Group of Eminent Persons (GEP) was later empanelled formally in June 1992, at the 28th yearly Summit of the OAU Heads of State and Government held in Dakar, Senegal. The group (GEP) which has as members, men and women of proven integrity included. Chief Abiola who as the sole financier of the Reparation cause was elected the Chairman, Professor Ade Ajayi (Nigerian), Ms. Mariam Makeba (South Africa), Professor Ali Mazrui (Kenya), Dr. Amadan Mahtar M,bow, Co-chairman (Senegalese), Ex-president Aristide Pereria (Cape Verde Island), Professor Samir Amin (Egypt), Dr. Quaissan Sackey (Ghanaian), Madam Grace Machel (Mozambique), Ambassador Dudley Thompson (Jamaica), Congressman Roland Dellums (U.S.) and Professor Rex Nettleford.

To advance the struggle for Reparation to the World level, the OAU Group of Eminent Persons (GEP) convened the first Pan-African Conference on Reparation in April 1993 at Abuja. The event drew participants from Africa, America, Asia and Europe. It also came out with a communiqué aimed at redressing the injustice of slavery, colonialism and imperialism in general in Africa, a decision which if implemented will obviously contribute in no little way in alleviating Africa’s sufferings resulting from centuries of merciless exploitation and inhuman degradation by the West.

Although the slave trade occurred over 500 years ago in the main, Africans have all the moral and legal basis to demand for compensation from the West as the very foundation of the backwardness of Africa was laid squarely by the slave trade which cost Africa more than 150 million able-bodied men and women. The physical and psychological brutality, sociocultural dislocation and economic dysfunction which trade in human beings imposed on Africans and the Black race in general is terrible and beyond comparison in human history. It was from these traumatic experiences of Africa that the West achieved her present development. The argument is that the West must pay compensation to us for the brain, sweat and blood of our forefathers. For the forced labour it enjoyed for centuries from millions of vibrant Africans they carted away from Africa to build the wealth they are living on today.

The last major event on this Reparation cause was the 1993 conference here in Abuja. It is now a full 10 years since then. The African Renaissance Party is persuaded that it is high time the Reparation train was re-engineered, hence this:-

The Way Forward.

Exhaustive deliberations have revealed that JUDICAL ACTION is the next step. In the New World Order of the 21st Century, Judicial Action is the appropriate way to bring the age-long struggle to its logical conclusion.

Therefore, the Summit is programmed to:

1. Delve into the archives to fish out specific cases of atrocities, illegalities and injustices committed against Africa and Africans for litigation in Western, International and African Courts of Law.

2. Create a legal platform for the programme actualization of the goal of the Reparation struggle.

3. Provide further information for the realization of the goal of the Reparation struggle.

4. Undertake a comparative analysis of successful Reparation crusades in history vis-à-vis that of Africa.

5. Establish a Reparation Judicial Action Fund to cater for the legal and other attendant costs of the Judicial Action.

6. Demonstrate that Reparations due to African Nations are at least a thousand times the value of the foreign debts that are currently crippling African Economics.

Alh. Yahaya E. G. K. Ndu
African Renaissance Party of Nigeria.

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