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At last, a bold step is being taken by Ndiigbo to establish a clear road map that shall guide them in piloting their affairs in Nigeria, in particular and rest of the world, in general. The US-chapter of Pan-Ndiigbo Foundation (PNF-USA), Inc. is spearheading the convocation of an all-Igbo get-together on the weekend of July 11-13, 2003 in Dallas, Texas to deliberate on very important issues that affect Igbo strategic interests. The theme of the summit titled "The Igbo Agenda: Rebuilding Igbo Capacity in Today's World" highlights the seriousness with which organizers of this summit are preparing for this one-of-a-kind event. The proposed All-Igbo Political Summit has generated enormous interest amongst the Igbo political and intellectual elite within Nigeria and the Diaspora.

Osondu Foundation, Inc. commends the initiative of PNF-USA highly and urges individuals and groups to heed this clarion call that is targeted at the upliftment of Ndiigbo at this critical juncture of our history. Absence of a consensus Igbo agenda has caused lack of convergence in goals and objectives of many Igbo organizations worldwide, some of which view fellow Igbo individuals and groups as enemies. As was earlier reamrked by Osondu Editorial, the proposed summit "
provides a unique opportunity for all concerned Igbo groups and individuals to seek fresh alternative solutions to the many confounding leadership crises that have overtaken the Igbo elite. Solution to the Igbo dilemma may actually lie in the derivation of a consensus agenda that shall guide everyone rather than in blind pursuit of an elusive unity amongst competing Igbo interest groups. With established and well-understood consensus Igbo agenda list of priorities, all potential leadership groups can then proceed, in their own fashion and pace, to direct their effort toward the actualization of a common goal".

Because of the great value that we attach to the Dallas All-Igbo Political Summit, Osondu web site shall provide periodic update on this event and shall also present a balanced summation of relevant deliberations of the confab.

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