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Sequel to the inaugural Igbo Summit organized July 2003 in Dallas, Texas, the Pan Ndi Igbo Foundation USA, Inc. is spearheading the 2004 Pan Igbo Conference on the weekend of May 7-9, 2004. This year's conference theme: "Realigning Our Economic, Political, and Socio-cultural Agenda: A Panacea for Economic and Political Empowerment" foretells the commitment of the organizers to stay the course of evolving a road map that kind guide Ndiigbo worldwide in their quest to better articulate and protect their interests in this new millennium. You can access public information about this important get-together for Ndiigbo by clicking here.

Osondu Newsletter gives high premium to efforts like this which offer the necessary platform for structured discourse by all interested parties and stakeholders in the Igbo cause to share their thoughts and plans of action with compatriots. It is expected that this format of information exchange shall hasten the arrival at a consensus agenda that shall ultimately accelerate Ndiigbo toward attainment of their envisioned goals in the shortest possible time. The general public is invited to submit views and comments about this event for possible sharing with our site guests. Major presentations, in form of speeches and position papers, shall be published on this page as deemed appropriate by the Osondu Editor.

Announcement for Pan Igbo Conference 2004  
Igbo Renaissance Must Be Driven by New Wealth Creation - Dr. Okenwa R. Nwosu
Dallas Pan Igbo Conference 2004 in Pictures  
Communique of 2004 Pan Igbo Conference  
Pan Igbo Confab Reaches Consensus on Igbo Agenda Staff Reporter
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